We raise awareness about autism through giving information and sharing knowledge. We believe that our main tasks involve advocacy, education, and service referrals.

We wish to connect people with autism with their loved ones, and with the world. We provide support, resources, and any sort of information needed. We see to the needs of both the individuals and their family and wish to create a community which will bring people with similar challenges together.

We treat each person with a different and unique approach because we believe this is how they will thrive. Our association is built on a system of values and beliefs which every family and community can benefit from. In our eyes, every person diagnosed with ASD should get the same opportunities to grow and express their individual self, to have specific needs which are seen to, and to be well accepted and loved not just by their family members but by their community.

Our collective goal should be to help provide them with choices and help them have control over their lives as much as they possibly can.