Benefits of Microneedling your Skin

The cosmetics industry has gone thru significant transformations, mostly because of the advances in science and technology. There are a lot of products out there, offering a range of solutions for skin problems, and the cosmetic enhancement of one’s complexion and look. We want to talk about one such technique that has great success.

This is a way for you to treat skin problems related to acne and even to rejuvenate your complexion.

What is Microneedling?

This is a technique for treating skin problems that uses a specialized tool. This tool is designed to pierce the skin in a specific way; it uses about a dozen needles in a bundle and pierces the skin at a very fast paste over a thousand times.

The needles go deep into your skin in order for the healing process to begin. The technique stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. This evasive treatment wounds the skin just enough to stimulate the production of the mentioned substances but doesn’t leave any scars. The process lasts for one hour, and you will see the effect after a day or two (when the skin calms down).

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Some of the Benefits

This treatment significantly improves the quality of your skin, because it stimulates the production of substances that are required for skin healing. Since the needles pierce the area that you want, in this case, the face, the influence will be seen equally in all parts.

Micrioneedling has shown significant success in the treatment of pockmarks and scaring. This is because the needles pierce deep into the skin and stimulate the growth of new skin cells in the region where there is damage.


Those terrible blackheads are also eliminated with this technique. The only problem is that the effect does not last forever, and you will need to repeat it.

Because of the machine that is used for the treatment, you can also exfoliate the skin. This means that you can try microneedling in Scottsdale even if you do not have skin problems.

Many people are reporting that another side effect of this technique is the fact that it makes the skin younger, and even reduces skin lines and marks. Beside this, another “side effect” is the evening of the skin tone and color, because of the even treatment of the entire area.

The Bad Side

There is only one bad side to this entire story, and that is the discomfort of the treatment itself. Similar to the needle used for tattooing, the only difference is that there are ten times the needles. The treatment lasts a bit longer, but this is nothing you cannot handle.

Many people have tried and felt the effects on their own skin. After waiting out two days for the skin redness to pass, you will walk around with a fresh and shining face. This is a truly incredible technique for skin treatment and a cosmetic innovation that is changing people’s lives as well as their complexions.