Families Affected by ASD

More Common Than We Think

Autism is widely spread disorder which has been steadily growing in the past few decades. It is the fastest growing developmental disorder, yet it is the least funded one. One in every 68 children will be diagnosed with autism.

Hope Remains

It is not a condition which can be neglected but it cannot be fully cured. If it is detected early it can be treated and approached in a manner which will greatly alleviate discomfort and distress in the individual suffering from it.

Individuals diagnosed with ASDIndividuals diagnosed with ASD can functions normally within their families, in school, even obtain a regular job. They can become fully-fledged members of society but they need help getting there.

Usual Problems

Though they can have issues with their behavior they can be helped to overcome them. Some have difficulty communicating, others are reluctant to make eye-contact, and some cannot grasp reasoning and planning, nor show adequate motor skills.

Some of the most common indicators of how sensitive these individuals actually are can be found in their relationship with the world. They can be easily affected by loud noises, bright lights, and surprises. They have a different sensory reaction to their environment and this can cause great distress and even tantrums.


It is a great responsibility to care for a family member suffering from autism and it is considered a brave venture. Although, most of us need help and support we wish to act as troopers.


FatigueOne issue parents talk about is their constant sleep deprivation and general exhaustion. Children with autism don’t have regular sleep patterns and are thus unpredictable in this area. Naturally, parents wishing to help their child in every way possible end up being tired and sleepless. The children sometimes wake up after just a few hours of sleep and then they need attention and care. This influences the parents both physically and mentally. Sleep is a very important factor for dealing with daily stress and if you don’t get enough sleep you cannot be at your best.


EmpathyParents with kids suffering from autism tend to get advice and scolding from other parents more than you’d expect. This is a devastating fact and a form of discrimination. They cannot predict when, where, and why their child might have a fit so it often happens in public. The parents need to deal with not only their distressed child but with judging glares from all around. This is not an easy task and it happens on a daily basis. People should get educated in order to better understand what these parents and their children are going to. Empathy and education are key in preventing this from happening.

Feeling Helpless

Tantrums can get pretty noisy and violent and most parents never get used to it. These episodes make parents feel helpless and discouraged. It is important to remember that everything you do for your child