Medical marijuana is a drug used by many as cannabis raw plant to treat some illness. It is sometimes recommended by doctors to treat various diseases. Some of these diseases are cancer, epilepsy, and pain-related diseases among others. Like any other drug medical marijuana has side effects including the following:


If a pregnant woman abuses the drug as per the prescription, the unborn child could be affected. The child may be born prematurely, and it could be underweight or even malnourished.

Mental illness

When marijuana is taken in any way, it goes into the body through the bloodstream. As blood flows through the brain, it might cause some issues. Overuse of marijuana could lead to brain damage. The drug is so powerful that it could kill brain cells when in excess. The dead brain cells could affect some functions of the brain. If these functions are critical, then one might become mentally ill. It is an unhealthy and risky thing to do.

Passive effects

When one inhales the smoke exhaled by a smoker, it is referred to as passive smoking. It is often seen with those living with medical marijuana smokers. Research same the passive smoker is likely to be affected more by the smoke compared to the smoker. From such, it might be a health risk to the passive smoker as well. Such an occurrence may cause job loss when one fails the drug test, but it is not common.


There are many ways to get the medical marijuana the weed delivery by Cali Xpress services is available. There are also many ways to take the drug. It can be consumed through smoking, eating or drinking. If the drug is smoked and it is done frequently, like another smoke, it can affect one. Heavy smoking may lead to diseases like lung, cervical or testosterone cancer. These diseases are dangerous, and expensive hence should be avoided.


Marijuana can be a hallucinogen, depressant, and stimulant. As a hallucinogen is might lead one to see the unrealistic thing is that might lead to severe injuries like falling or cutting/hitting one’s body part. As a depressant one might go over the edge and even commit suicide. As a stimulant one might be tempted to do crazy things jump in front of a moving car or such.

Braking the law

Taking of medical marijuana is legal. When one starts to abuse the drug, it then becomes illegal use of the drug. Misusing the drug may cause harm to people around the user including the user. Misuse of drugs is a crime, and the law including being arrested can take serious actions against the misuser.

Take away

As much as a doctor prescribes the medical marijuana does not mean it is safe and has no serious effects. It is a drug and medical or not it has very many results. Caution is essential while handling such drugs as not to end up in worse situations than before. It is advisable that the doctor’s instructions are followed to the latter.