How to Start Your Own Spray Tan Business?

In recent years the spray tanning business has turned out to be very popular. This because spray tanning is an effective and fast substitute to the UV tanning. It is true to people who have a busy and active lifestyle and those who choose not to UV tan. Another reason is the fact that the cost is fairly low especially for the mobile spray tanning and the business is more economical.
Here is a guideline of what you need to start a spray tan solution wholesale business.

1. Know What Your Business Will Entail

It is essential to spend several hours researching on what spray tanning entails. Get to read a few blogs and articles, look at videos and view images and photos. The more you discover what you want for your business, the more you will be educating your clients.

2. Choose The Equipment You Will Use

Fuji salonTAN System

If you are kicking off in your business there is no need of investing a large amount of money. You should consider a system that is durable and light especially if you plan on going mobile. The GLO™ or hvlpTAN LITE™ is the best system for anyone who is on the Go! For those with a few clients and are looking for a more durable solution, the Fuji miniTAN™ is suitable. Lastly, those looking forward to starting a spa or salon, something quieter such as The Fuji salonTAN™ System is the best for you.

3. Buy Your Kit

Purchase the materials and tools you will need to kick off. This includes:

• An extraction fan
• Tanning Tent
• Tanning solution and lotions
• Disposable products such as the sticky feet, latex gloves, hairnets, and face masks

Some distributors might offer tester kits that will enable you to select the right lotions and solutions for your business. This is suitable if you are eyeing for products that are 100% natural based and organic.

4. Be Trained

There are training programs that are offered for spray tanning. Look for one that fits your business and offers what you are looking for. A spray tanning course will help you understand important ingredients, skin preparations and how various solutions are applied. One gets the techniques and tips on how to spray tan from reliable sources that will eventually benefit you and speed up the learning curve.

Spray Tan Usage

5. Analyse Your Costs

Look around and research on mobile spray tanning businesses and local salons so as to discover what the ‘Market Cost’ of spray tanning is. You should not cut yourself short, charge people what you should be charging and not what other people are charging so as to get more clients. Once in a while, you can offer discounts or package deals.

6. Advertise Your Business

Think hard on your advertising budget. No matter how big or small your business might seem, you need to spread the word. You could use local online directories, bulletin boards, and local newspapers. Own a profile on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. or even a website.

7. Customer Service

Amazing customer service is key. Your customer service will conclude whether your business is a success. Be friendly and well-informed of your products.

The spray tanning business is achievable as long as one is determined to work hard.